Wednesday, November 3, 2010


January 4th I began my reinduction. It was time to put forth everything I knew. I did things a little different this time. LIMIT FRANKENFOODS! Frankenfoods are commercial products re-formulated for a Low Carb lifestyle. They were VERY popular my first time around but most are gone now. I only use 2 now- Breyer's Carb Smart Ice Cream and Atkins Shakes. I use each ONLY once or twice a week.
You can see my losses here. After the first 2 weeks- I was right back in the groove. The weight was coming off. Clothes were getting loose, energy was returning. I was feeling great!

Since Januaryt 4th, I have lost 75 lbs. (I weigh in today- but later.) At 197, I weigh less now than I ever have in my adult life, maybe since high school. I am off diabetes meds. I have cut my Lipitor to 10mg and my numbers are coming in line.

I decided to start a blog to share my story.


  1. January 4h is Talon's birthday...a great day!..LOL Congratulations on all the hard work and TRUE dedication to yourself to do what makes YOU feel good! Keep it up, I am sure everyone is so proud of your efforts! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Thanks Darlene- but geez- you could have at least subscribed to me! LOL